The River Wife: A Novel

The River Wife - Jonis Agee Excellent. I was sad to finish it!

Piece of Cake: Flip Book

Piece of Cake - Santiago Melazzini I was so bored

All the Finest Girls: A Novel

All the Finest Girls: A Novel - Alexandra Styron The story was boring. Nothing happened. She used too many metaphors throughout the whole book.


Tim - Colleen McCullough What a beautiful heartfelt story! I had no idea they made a movie of it until after I read it. Now I am searching for it to watch it. Excellent Story!

The Good Men: A Novel of Heresy

The Good Men: A Novel of Heresy - Charmaine Craig Really enjoyed this book.!!


Angel - Nicholle Rayanne Miller I almost stopped reading it but then continued. It did get better after a while. I just hate it when the author keeps bragging how pretty and handsome they are.


Possessions - Judith Michael I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

Son of the Endless Night

Son of the Endless Night - John Farris A really good horror story.


Seinlanguage - Jerry Seinfeld Not a bad read. Made me chuckle. A lot of the stuff in the book was used on the sitcom.

Blaze: A Novel

Blaze - Stephen King, Richard Bachman After reading King's foreword I thought I wouldn't like it, but it ended up being one of my favorite of his .. or Richard's ;) Enjoyed it and kept my interest from the beginning. I miss Blaze already.

Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets - Patricia Smiley I read it because it was all I had at home to read. Not my kind of books and it was just OK for me.


Beloved - Antoinette Stockenberg Took me a while to get used to the language, but once I did I loved the story.

Dearly beloved: A novel

Dearly Beloved - Jerry Rivers I would rate higher if I didn't now the ending before halfway of reading it. It was very predictable.

Life Sentences LP: A Novel

Life Sentences LP: A Novel - Laura Lippman I don't usually read mysteries but I really enjoyed reading this one.

Lilith's Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life

Lilith's Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life (Hunger #3) - Whitley Strieber It was alright. Not the best Vampire genre book I've read, but still kept my interest throughout.

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